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Herbal exfoliation - 110zł (60min)

Gentle exfoliation of the whole body based on white clay with the participation of Alpine herbs and essential oils. Gently removes dead skin and purifies your skin. After the treatment your skin is exceptionally smooth and gentle to the touch.


Full body sea salt scrub - 90zł (60min)

Atlantic sea salt used during this treatment makes the skin smooth and refreshed. Gently removes dead skin and prepares the skin to absorb beneficial nutrients contained in the oils and creams.

Back, neck and shoulders scrub - 60zł (30min)


Mud body wrap - 180zł (90 min)

The treatment begins with exfoliation, followed by application of mixture of Alpine herbs and finally mud body wrap. The treatment has detoxifying effect, overheating of the skin and perspiration leaves the skin free from toxins and purified. The treatment also releases muscle tension, has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and circulatory stimulants effects. Leaves the skin firm and smooth to the touch.


Goat's milk body wrap - 160zł (70min)

Nourishing and regenerating treatment on the skin. After the body scrub, the skin is ready to absorb beneficial nutrients contained in goat’s milk. The skin after the treatment is gentle and pleasant to the touch.


Arosha slimming bandage body wrap – 200zł (60min)

Express slimming bandage body wrap treatments. These are cotton bandages soaked with active ingredients penetrating deep into the skin, which contributes to the fight against cellulite and loss of tension and elasticity of the skin.
Bandages clears toxins and drains the lymphatic system, tones and firms the skin.
After just one treatment the skin is more hydrated and tense.
Treatment is safe and hygienic bandages are always disposable.