Waxing is the most popular method of removing hair. Usually used for large areas of the body. The skin is nice and soft to the touch. The effect lasts for about 3 weeks (depending on the type of hair and hair growth). After about 4-5 weeks, treatment must be repeated. Using Waxperts-Wax regularly, can provide significant thinning of the hair and even permanent disappearance of hair. There are two types of waxes:

  • hot wax – (flexible) used on sensitive skin areas such as the face, underarm, bikini
  • strip wax – used most frequently in larger areas of skin as legs and arms


Face – is extremely delicate and sensitive place and hair removal is made only with hot wax (no strip wax)

Waxing for women

Eyebrows – 15zł
Lip wax – 15zł
Chin wax – 15zł
Side face – 20zł
Face wax – 30zł
Eyebrows, lip and chin wax – 35zł
Full leg – 80zł
Full leg + bikini line – 105zł
Full leg + bikini extended – 120zł
Full leg + californian – 140zł
Full leg + brazilian – 150zł
Full leg + hollywood – 160zł
Half leg – 40zł
Half leg + bikini line – 65zł
Half leg + bikini extended – 80zł
Half leg + californian – 100zł
Half leg + brazilian – 110zł
Half leg + hollywood – 120zł
Bikini line – 30zł
Bikini extended – 50zł
Californian – 70zł
Brazilian – 80zł
Hollywood – 90zł
Arms – 45zł
Half arm – 35zł
Abdominal – 30zł
Underarm – 35zł

Waxing for men

Back – 50zł
Torso – 40zł
Full leg – 90zł
Łydki – 60zł
Abdominal – 40zł
Arms – 55zł
Half arm – 45zł
Eyebrows – 20zł
Side face – 20zł

Bikini waxing

What should you know about bikini waxing?

Bikini waxing is performed using Waxperts-Wax product and lavender is the most flexible wax ideal for even the most sensitive areas of the body like a bikini. Waxperts-Wax removes the shortest and strongest hairs, leaving skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. A special product called Pre Wax Oil is applied before waxing, it protects the skin against irritation and damage to the skin. For the safety and comfort of our customers, we use the principle of “No Double Dipping Policy” means a one-time dip the spatula in the wax. It is the most hygienic form of bikini waxing for you. Waxperts-Wax is the next generation of waxes.

How does the first visit in the beauty salon look like?

Just before the treatment, fill out the customer first visit card in order to obtain important information about diseases, allergies or skin allergies. After filling customer card beautician provides information about the treatment. Beautician invites you to the treatment room. You will receive disposable underwear, beautician leaves the room and you can comfortably prepare for the treatment. When you are ready beautician proceed to perform the treatment during which you will be informed how to place the body in order to improve the course of treatment. After the treatment you will receive useful information about skin care.

What to do before bikini waxing?

  • Hair should be at least 0.5cm in length, ideally 1-1.5cm
  • At least 2-3 weeks (depending on the growth of the hair) prior to a visit in the beauty salon do not use any other form of hair removal for example shaving, creams
  • 24 hours before planned visit, do not use sun beds, sauna, tanning in the sun, etc.
  • Few days before the visit, you can exfoliate your skin (parts of the body you wish to wax) it will help to remove your dead skin cells
  • On the day of your visit, take a shower but not moisturise part of your skin you wish to wax
  • “Patch test” needs to be performed for sensitive skin or first biking waxing ever in order to check allergic reaction

What to do after bikini waxing?

  • 24 hours after waxing, do not use hot bath, sun beds, sauna, gym and sunbathing
  • Do not use antiperspirants, deodorants, tanning and body lotions
  • Treatment needs to be repeated every 4-5 weeks

Are there any contraindications for waxing?

  • Waxing should not be performed on the irritated skin for example after sunbathing, hot baths, sauna or after invasive cosmetic treatments
  • Waxing is forbidden on fresh scars, wounds and varicose veins
  • Marks, beauty spots should not be waxed
  • Diabetes needs to be consulted with your doctor

Is waxing safe for future mums?

  • Waxing during pregnancy is safe if you feel well, there are no complications and had done wax before
  • It is not recommended if you have not done wax before, the new experience can be stressful for you and the baby

Is bikini waxing painful?

  • If it is your first visit, waxing may be associated with less comfort during the treatment
  • If waxing is repeated regularly every 4-5 weeks, each time growing hair is weaker and growing slower and waxing is less painful
  • You can feel discomfort and be embarrassed it is normal, we are professionals in waxing and we do our best to make you feel comfortable and confident

What is Californian, Brazilian, and Hollywood?

  • It is extended bikini waxing
  • Californian – hair is removed up to string underwear line
  • Brazilian – hair is removed in the pelvic area, front and back, narrow strip remains only on the front
  • Hollywood – all hair is removed in the pelvic area
  • Bikini Line (classic) – hair is removed up to underwear line
  • Bikini Extended – bit deeper than the classic bikini


We only use hot wax for all type of bikini waxing.